Karma is not a bitch sometimes

I don’t text back
Sorry U all 
U would like me to say 
I don’t feel sorry at all
But I don’t hate U you either way

If you ask me explanation 
I tell U I didn’t have time 
I haven’t seen it yet 
But I check every 5 sec and I use internet

I don’t know 
You are a good person 
I like spending time with U 
I do 
But it gets toxic, what can I do

Virtuality keeps us close 
When we are far away 
But you are far away 
We are not close

We need human relationship 
Not bitmojis, avatars or perfect profiles
U know this too 
But U just haven’t realized it yet

I am starting to forget
I can’t remember when we first met 
I still remember how you made me feel 
I have changed, U too, and it gets unreal

Sometimes I really don’t have time 
I have dedicated all the time myself 
Self improvement, inner peace, family 
Just rest
I go camping and I don’t tell U, sometimes

As long as U are not there traveling with me 
I will be with someone that has time there to be
I am not selfish and I don’t hate you
It’s self-love and… I have one life, what can I do

Better reading the Bible everyday 
Than writing when you have nothing to say
I don’t have time for U, I use time for me 
Yes off course, it’s a priority

Author: Josilda Ndreaj