Karma is not a bitch sometimes

I don’t text back
Sorry U all 
U would like me to say 
I don’t feel sorry at all
But I don’t hate U you either way

If you ask me explanation 
I tell U I didn’t have time 
I haven’t seen it yet 
But I check every 5 sec and I use internet

I don’t know 
You are a good person 
I like spending time with U 
I do 
But it gets toxic, what can I do

Virtuality keeps us close 
When we are far away 
But you are far away 
We are not close

We need human relationship 
Not bitmojis, avatars or perfect profiles
U know this too 
But U just haven’t realized it yet

I am starting to forget
I can’t remember when we first met 
I still remember how you made me feel 
I have changed, U too, and it gets unreal

Sometimes I really don’t have time 
I have dedicated all the time myself 
Self improvement, inner peace, family 
Just rest
I go camping and I don’t tell U, sometimes

As long as U are not there traveling with me 
I will be with someone that has time there to be
I am not selfish and I don’t hate you
It’s self-love and… I have one life, what can I do

Better reading the Bible everyday 
Than writing when you have nothing to say
I don’t have time for U, I use time for me 
Yes off course, it’s a priority

Author: Josilda Ndreaj

Secret Gem

This i weird

There is no logic on it

You took my pride

I guess I just wanted to write

This not me

But who else can be

You took me out of comfort zone

Before you came I never felt being alone

I had plans

I had organized everything

You made want to change them

I thought I found a secret gem

Author: Josilda Ndreaj

Message in the bottle sent into space

The world hates me, I have power to understand
I have the ability to make a killer feel innocent

But the world does not even know me

Drops in the shadow, for me are the light 
To understand the day, thinking at night’

The shallow reader loves the dark 
He doesn’t prefer to see the light

The ocean is big, and it is hard to swim
Try the sea, it would be easy for him.

Intelligence is a secret, it intrigues me

Deep thinking is not for machines 
It is a gift for some human beings

A strong person has a strong mind 
The one that is unique, one of the kind

There is no vulnerability in words expressed 
I just didn’t know, I could be impressed

As real as dreams can be, you’re dreaming me

Author: Josilda Ndreaj